Some LAUSD parents rally in Fairfax district, call for reopening of campuses

As the LAUSD is now working on a plan to bring students and teachers back to campuses, parents held a rally in the Fairfax district to push for an expedited return to in-person instruction.

Video Transcript

LETICIA JUAREZ: Well, John, I'm here where parents are beginning to mark that one-year anniversary by holding this rally. If you take a look behind me, you can see the signs here. They say that while their agreement, the agreement that has been reached is tentative, they said it's not going far enough to do what they want, the hybrid model that is being proposed. They want their kids back to school, especially in the fall, five days a week.

Now, as I mentioned, this comes as a tentative agreement has been reached with the district and the teachers' union. But it comes a little too late for many parents, who have been calling on LAUSD to open for weeks following protests and a school Zoom blackout. On Thursday, the school district's Board of Education approve a deal with the United Teachers Los Angeles union. That could pave the way for in-person instruction.

--in mid-April. Middle and high school students would return at the end of April. It also calls for required COVID-19 testing for students and staff to return to campus, along with weekly tests afterwards. There are requirements for masking, social distance, and sanitation. But as I mentioned, parents say the plan does not go far enough.

ROSS NOVIE: Look, this deal that they just came up with, which is too little, far too late-- they should have been ready with the plan as soon as cases dropped, which they knew it would. They should have been ready to enact the plan, not to start asking people who's going back. That being said, happy for elementary school kids to get some structure in their life again.

LETICIA JUAREZ: Now, UTLA will vote on the agreement this coming Thursday. This afternoon, UTLA leaders will take part in a phone call town hall with parents and teachers. The rally here at the Pan-Pacific Park takes place just in moments. They say after this rally, they're going to be headed over to South LA. That's where the LA Watts women are going to be holding another rally similar to this one, also calling for schools to reopen in their districts.