Lava countertops and stainless steel cabinets are the latest celebrity kitchen design trends

Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo in front of her almost-empty refrigerator, causing followers to question whether her kitchen is entirely sparse.

So the Kardashian took to Instagram to show that she was not low on groceries: the fridge was one of seven high-end refrigerators in her home’s kitchen, including a fully-stocked walk-in refrigerator. She also revealed a frozen yogurt machine and other high-end amenities in her kitchen. The tour left followers with one question: Are all celebrity kitchens this opulent?

Not every celebrity has a million-dollar kitchen, said celebrity contractor Stephen Fanuka, who has worked with Beyoncé, Bruce Willis, Bethenny Frankel and Tina Fey. But there are a few kitchen design trends that are popular among celebrities right now.

Lava countertops, made by a French brand called Pyrolave, go for $50,000 to $60,000 per 8-by-10-foot slab. And while stainless steel appliances are standard in luxury kitchens, custom stainless steel cabinets have also become popular among celebrities, said Fanuka.

“That’s trending right now with the very high end,” said Fanuka.

Darker hues and smart appliances

Countering modern design trends with neutral palettes, at the very high end, dark blues and blacks are becoming common colors for kitchen cabinets and countertops among celebrities. Dark kitchens do best in trendy cities like Venice, Calif. and Brooklyn, N.Y., according to Josh Stech, CEO and co-founder of Sundae, a San Francisco-based ibuyer that flips fixer-uppers.

There is also demand for double islands, separate workstations, free-floating islands and solid slab backsplashes. Smart kitchen technology — like refrigerators that let you see what is inside through an app — is also an important part of celebrity kitchens.

“Being smart in the kitchen is really, really in right now… Do I need milk? Did I buy peppers last week? You can actually look inside your refrigerator while you’re at the supermarket,” using your iPhone, said Fanuka.

As for Kim Kardashian’s kitchen, Fanuka said it is one-of-a-kind.

“Her kitchen really looks like a professional restaurant… I’ve never seen so many appliances in one kitchen,” said Fanuka.

The economy matters to celebrities, too

But some celebrity and luxury homeowners are holding back, waiting to see what will happen with the economy before they spend on a renovation, said Fanuka.

“They’re putting some money in and reinvesting to like spruce up the house since they’re not going to be moving. But generally I do see a little bit of a hold [in spending among celebrities],” said Fanuka, who said that while there will always be someone to buy a Ferrari or a Bentley, but that he generally sees celebrities holding back on spending right now.

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