Law Enforcement Missed Warnings Leading Up to Capitol Attack

The FBI warned law enforcement there was potential for violence in the days leading up to the attack.

Video Transcript

ALEX MILLER: Testifying for the first time, Americans heard from those in charge during the January 6th attack on Capitol Hill. On Tuesday, top law enforcement officials appeared before a Senate panel and played the blame game, saying there was a major breakdown in communication about warnings, including one from the FBI in the days leading up to the attack that left fice people dead.

STEVEN SUND: That report made it from the joint terrorism task force over to our intelligence bureau, over to a sergeant there and ceased moving forward at that point. No leadership, myself included, over at Capitol Police was made aware of that at the-- at the time of the event.

ALEX MILLER: United States Police Chief Steven Sund as well as other law enforcement officials told senators the attack was planned.

ROBERT CONTEE III: We're learning more and more, but this was clearly a coordinated effort.

PAUL IRVING: I would agree the evidence would indicate a coordinated attack.

ALEX MILLER: Concerning information also revealed about the lack of preparedness ahead of the riot. Sund says not all officers were outfitted with riot gear. And Capitol officers were not trained for an infiltration.

JEFF MERKLEY: Have you ever held a drill to respond to this this situation where a crowd pushes past the exterior barricades?

STEVEN SUND: Not this level of situation, no sir. I think there needs to be additional training, additional equipment to consider this type of attack in the future.

ALEX MILLER: There are still many unanswered questions, most notably, why it took so long to deploy the National Guard. Acting DC Police Chief Robert Contee told Senators there was a reluctance that day to send in the guard. Sund said he had requested help more than four hours before it arrived. Former House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving says he never got a call for approval during the insurrection.

PAUL IRVING: I had everyone with me. I had Mr. Stanger, leadership, we would have approved it immediately. So I have no recollection of that call and neither do I have a record of it.

ALEX MILLER: Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar says there will be another hearing next week to clarify this issue with the Pentagon. In Washington, Alex Miller, Newsy.