Law enforcement offers tips to protect from catalytic converter theft

Jan. 25—FLOYD COUNTY — There's been an uptick in catalytic converter thefts being reported in Floyd County and police said there are steps people can take to keep their vehicles safe.

"We have seen a few of them recently, it's happening in other communities around (us)," said Floyd County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Jeff Firkins. "We have seen an uptick, we don't have a great deal. We did experience one recently."

That theft occurred Jan 11. at Highlander Collision on U.S. 150.

Police said the suspect's vehicle appears to be a blue or purple Toyota Matrix. Anyone with information on this theft should call the Floyd County Sheriff's Office.

Firkins said they had video footage of the converter being stolen from the vehicle and that people can protect themselves from similar thefts.

"There are really inexpensive motion alarms that are weather protected you can set under your vehicles and in your driveway," Firkins said, saying these alarms are sensitive and catch movements like animals, too. "Things you can buy reasonably online. The cameras are really helping us out a lot."

He said other motion detectors can help, too.

If someone thinks they've had their catalytic converter stolen Firkin said they'll likely recognize the issue right away.

"You would know automatically, the vehicle will sound as though it doesn't have an exhaust," he said.