Law Firm Files Third Complaint Over Duplicate Voter Registrations in Minnesota ahead of Midterms

The Public Interest Legal Foundation filed its third complaint against officials in Minnesota this week on Wednesday, alleging that 334 people in Hennepin County appear to have duplicate voter registrations for the upcoming midterm election.

Duplicate voter registrations violate the Help America Vote Act, which requires states to have a “computerized statewide voter registration list that is accurate and eliminates duplicate registrations,” the Indiana-based law firm focused on election integrity said in a statement. “This is the third of six complaints we will be filing in Minnesota counties this week,” PILF continued, adding that “Hennepin County has the most duplicate registrations of any Minnesota county.”

“Hennepin County is having a problem detecting and removing duplicate voter registrations,” PILF President J. Christian Adams said in a statement. “Every duplicate registration represents an opportunity for a person to vote twice. Not only is Hennepin County required to remove duplicate registrations by federal law, but accurate voter rolls also ensure that people can have confidence in their elections.”

On Tuesday, PILF filed a complaint against an official in Minnesota’ Nicollet County, claiming that there are four people in the county who have duplicate voter registration numbers.

One of the alleged duplicate registrants, Damain Kingbird, voted twice in the 2020 election, according to PILF.

“Kingbird is a convicted criminal and has been committed as mentally ill and dangerous. Records show he has been found guilty of crimes, including making terrorist threats, sexual assault, and even sexually abusing a 13-year-old girl,” noted the law firm.

PILF also filed a complaint against an official in Dakota County, alleging that there are 73 duplicates in the county.

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