Law & Order: Organized Crime: Sunrise In NYC

Stabler and Bell team up to investigate a major lead. Wheatley makes moves to elevate his business.

Video Transcript

- How often do you get to see a sunrise in New York City? Look who's waking up. Lucy. Did you get enough beauty sleep, my love? Are you familiar with the octopus vulgaris? Octopus vulgaris, the common octopus. Common, but utterly alien. Three hearts, no bones, blue blood, and all those suckers, 2000 of them. And every one can taste you like a tongue, or grip you and pull you into its hidden beak like a pair of scissors.

It can crack a crab, or a finger. So fascinating, isn't it?

- Yes sir, yeah. Mr. Wheatley, I don't want you to worry.

- And they're clever, too, and intensely curious, especially when they're hungry. Are you hungry, baby? I better feed her something before she tries to escape again. They're master escape artists. I bet you wish you had that particular skill right now.

- Excuse me?