Law Roach Shares Zendaya’s Reaction To His Retirement From Fashion

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Law Roach has opened up about Zendaya’s reaction to his surprise retirement announcement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, as a guest on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast High Low, the former stylist detailed his top client’s response.

“She called, and she said, ‘Girl, I thought we make big decisions together,’” Roach explained.

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“Of course, she supported me. She’s like, ‘Do you need me to send you on a vacation?’ Like tell me what you’re going through, and I talked to her about just being unhappy and being unhappy for a really long time and still grieving the death of my nephew. So, we had that talk, and she was like, ‘Whatever you need, whatever you need.’”

Law Roach and Zendaya wearing all black.
Law Roach and Zendaya attend the Valentino Womenswear Spring/Summer 2023 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 02, 2022 in Paris, France

Zendaya green dress and red hair.
Zendaya green dress and red hair.

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The 44-year-old continued to clear up rumors that the Euphoria star is responsible for his career shift.

“People started to blame her for my retirement, and that wasn’t fair to her,” detailed the award-winning stylist. “The things they were saying, of course isn’t true. So, then it spilled over to my suffering. She started to suffer too. And I didn’t think that was fair because she has always protected me in this industry and vice versa.”

Earlier this month, Law Roach decided to share his retirement with a now-deleted Instagram announcement, to the shock of many in the entertainment and fashion industries.

“My Cup is empty…thank you to everyone who’ve supported me and my career over the years,” wrote the image architect in the caption. “Every person that trusted me with their image, I’m so grateful for you all. If this business was just about the clothes I would do it for the rest of my life but unfortunately it’s not! The politics, the lies and false narratives finally got me! You win…I’m out.”

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