Lawmaker: Capitol Police didn't grasp riot threat

The House lawmaker who is chairing a hearing on the Jan. 6 riot says the U.S. Capitol Police’s acting chief failed to understand the threat facing lawmakers that day. (Feb. 25)

Video Transcript

TOM RYAN: Knowing the rally was happening, why wouldn't we have been prepared for the worst-case scenario? That's what the average American is sitting home thinking about. So in a pointed way, can you tell us very clearly, what is your definition of a credible threat?

YOGANANDA PITTMAN: A credible threat is a threat that can be acted upon. What is the intention? Is there an opportunity for the individuals to actively engage in this?

We were already leaning forward based on that January 3 assessment. So we were already leaning forward to increase those CityU platoons. We changed the security perimeter plan and all of those things that I have mentioned as it relates to how we beefed up what we had. With that said, I agree with you, Chairman. Hindsight is 2020.

TOM RYAN: To me, it's-- you took the intelligence, and I felt-- I feel like you didn't put it all together and synthesize it in a way and go, holy cow, I mean, something really bad can happen here. And given everything else going on, we need to be ready for that.