Lawmaker: MLB decision will impact Georgia economy

MLB announced Friday it was moving All-Star Game from Atlanta's Truist Park, a response to Georgia enacting a new law restricting voting rights. State Sen. Sonya Halpern, from District 39 says MLB's decision will have economic consequences. (Apr. 1)

Video Transcript

SONYA HALPERN: I mean, it's a shame, right? It's a shame that we have so quickly passed a law that then is now already having these kinds of economic consequences. And at the same time, I do think that it's tough, because then they're making decisions that do impact every single one of us who live here. Tens and tens of thousands of jobs do get impacted by that decision.

But the reality is that economics matter. We are a state that really always touts that we are the number one state to do business in. And economic development is something that we spend a lot of time and effort doing. And there's good reason to attract companies here to Georgia.

But then laws like this are also reasons why businesses can choose other locations. We are not the only venue and not the only choice for every organization or company. And so it's not cancel culture when companies decide to stand up, speak their principles and values, and understand that their consumers are also looking at what is happening here in Georgia.