Lawmakers, Community Leaders to Rally in San Jose Saturday Against Anti-Asian Violence

California lawmakers are taking action in the wake of the recent rise in anti-Asian hate and violence. Maria Medina reports. (3-12-21)

Video Transcript

KEN BASTIDA: A dramatic rise in crimes like these are now prompting them to take action before someone else is hurt, or worse. KPIX 5's Maria Medina in San Jose tonight, and reports that federal lawmakers are also doing something about it.

MARIA MEDINA: Tonight, I spoke to one assembly member who is bringing together city, county, and state leaders, as well as community members in a show of solidarity against the recent rise in violence against Asians, particularly the elderly.

EVAN LOW: I was waiting for some type of rally to organically happen.

MARIA MEDINA: Assembly member, Evan Lowe--

EVAN LOW: Weeks passed by, and I saw nothing.

MARIA MEDINA: --is behind a Stop Asian-American and Pacific Islander hate rally tomorrow morning in San Jose.

EVAN LOW: And so I said to myself, we must just do it ourselves. Not only did the lawmaker organize the show of solidarity, he also got a long list of attendees to RSVP, including the district attorney, police, the 49ers, San Jose Sharks, and Mayor Sam Liccardo.

SAM LICCARDO: This rally is certainly about us standing together. But it's also about empowering the community with information. There's a long tradition, we know, of racism and xenophobia against Asian-Americans in this community.

MARIA MEDINA: Recently, bilingual San Jose police officers have conducted foot patrols in Asian-American communities. Many hate crimes, police say, go unreported, including in the case of a woman who allegedly told an Asian-American man in Mountainview to go back to his country.

EVAN LOW: That victim initially did not want to report this crime of being victimized.

MARIA MEDINA: In fact, Senator Alex Padilla of California is cosponsoring a bill that would establish an online reporting system for hate crimes in multiple languages. Tomorrow, many community members who've stepped up to denounce the anti Asian hate, also plan to attend-- a show of solidarity in the face of divisiveness.

EVAN LOW: I think it's important to speak out, say something, ask for solidarity. This might be an issue towards the Asian/Pacific Islander community today, but we know that tomorrow it'll be some other group.

MARIA MEDINA: And tomorrow's rally is at 11:00 AM outside San Jose City Hall. In San Jose, Maria Medina. KPIX 5.

KEN BASTIDA: Well, community leaders are also planning a rally tomorrow at 2:30 in Oakland's Chinatown.