Lawmakers Head To Southern Borders To Make Political Points About Migrants Cross To U.S.

CBS4's Debra Alfafone reports on the latest news about lawmakers visiting the Southern border.

Video Transcript

- All new at five. Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle headed to the southern border to make political points about the crush of migrants crossing into the United States. Both sides are calling for change as facilities become increasingly overwhelmed. CBS News correspondent Deborah Alfarone reports from the White House.

DEBRA ALFARONE: Ted Cruz is leading a dozen and a half Republican senators on a tour of the southern border.

- You see the flashlight.

DEBRA ALFARONE: Around midnight, they climb through brush in Hidalgo county.

SUSAN COLLINS: We can hear the voices of cartel members yelling at us from across the river. We're standing on the path that they used to smuggle, in some cases, very vulnerable people into this country.

DEBRA ALFARONE: Republicans say migrants are crossing into the US at a much greater pace because President Biden put an end to hard line immigration policies. A delegation of Democrats also came to Texas to visit a facility in Carrizo Springs for unaccompanied children found crossing the border.

JOAQUIN CASTRO: We're here today to find solutions. We're here today to go back to Washington and offer recommendations for how this process can be improved.

DEBRA ALFARONE: At his first official news conference, President Biden remained unapologetic about ending the immigration policies of former President Trump. He blames the surge on the time of year. The Border Patrol confirms it's not sending back migrant families with children younger than seven. That amounts to around 1,900 people every day, including 500 children traveling without adults.

JEN PSAKI: The majority of adults are being turned away. Our policy remains the same.

DEBRA ALFARONE: The Border Patrol is only legally allowed to hold children in its facilities for 72 hours, but it's currently holding some a week longer. Deborah Alfarone CBS News, the White House.