Lawn On D Reopens For Eighth Season In Boston

The Lawn on D reopened Thursday afternoon for its eighth season, and with the return of the popular swings and lawn games, a sense of normalcy. WBZ-TV's Rachel Holt reports.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Back in action, Lawn On D in the Seaport reopened a short time ago to excited families, who are ready for some fun outside. And what a day for it.

LISA HUGHES: Couldn't have been better. And WBZ's Rachel Holt is live at The Lawn On D right now. Rachel.

RACHEL HOLT: An air of excitement here in the Seaport as The Lawn On D reopens for its eighth season. And with the return of the popular swings and lawn games, a sense of normalcy.

- Coming in, relaxing, hanging out with friends, playing some games, or chatting, or grabbing a beer or soda, families as well.

RACHEL HOLT: It's a welcome sight for many, The Lawn On D in the Seaport now open for the season, a place where people can enjoy games, food, and live entertainment.

- It's a nice outdoor space to kind of relax and be part of the community.

RACHEL HOLT: Back this year, the swings and lawn games as well as live music on the weekends.

- Well, I really wanted to try out the swings. I've seen lots of pictures on Instagram. My friend kept telling me about it. And it's beautiful weather. So why not be here on opening day?

- Not having the entertainment, not having the games, and it just-- it kind of hurt us a little bit last year too. But you know, it's different this year, but great to see everybody back.

RACHEL HOLT: Table reservations are no longer required, and people can order food and drinks right from the bar. And starting on May 29, capacity limits will be lifted.

- Especially being cooped up for the past year, it's just nice to be outside. You definitely sort of enjoy it a lot more than you did pre-COVID.

- Well, things are finally opening up. It's really nice to be back. This was their opening day. We just wanted to spend some time in the beautiful weather and explore Boston a bit.

RACHEL HOLT: The Lawn on D will be open daily from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM through the end of October. In Boston, Rachel Holt, WBZ News.

DAVID WADE: All right, Rachel, thank you so much. Every time-- I've never been there. I have to confess. But every time I see it, I want to go, especially on a night like this.

LISA HUGHES: Right? Exactly.