In-Laws Are Sharing The Moment They Knew Their Kid’s Marriage Was Over, And Excuse Me While I Pick My Jaw Off The Floor

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Note: This post contains mentions of domestic abuse.

A while ago, in-laws of Reddit were asked, "When did you realize your kid's marriage was doomed?" Parent-in-laws and other in-laws shared answers that ranged from absolutely wild to actually heartbreaking.


Here are some of the most surprising ones:

1."I was the sister-in-law. The first time she and I went somewhere together, she said, 'Your brother's kind of been pissing me off lately. Do you think I should cheat on him again?'"

"To which I asked if he knew about the others, and she informed me he did not. I told her, 'He will now.' They divorced shortly after."


2."When she was kissing another guy in one of the wedding photos. It did not go over well."


3."Two weeks before the wedding, my brother-in-law put an ad of himself on Craigslist (with a d*ck pic and face pic) looking to get laid, and one his exes contacted me about him stalking her and sending pictures of himself looking to hook up."

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"Everything was laid out to his new wife, but she denied everything. It actually got flipped around on me because he told his wife and my wife's family that I was the one to put the ad on CL. Oh well. He has new girlfriends who pop up every couple months, but then he tells the family that his new girlfriends are all 'crazy,' and that he doesn't even know them."


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4."A co-worker knew that her daughter's relationship (turned marriage then domestic abuse now divorce) would end badly when the first time she saw the place they were living together, he showed off their bed as quote: 'This is the place where I plow your daughter.'"

"At a party later, he told a group of strangers — with the mom present — 'If she could swallow, then I wouldn't have to mess up her makeup every night.' Who says that in front of your S.O.'s parent?"


5."Brother-in-law here. When my older brother found out that his wife was sleeping with HER OWN COUSIN, it was a major sign that things were falling apart."

"He still hasn't recovered from the divorce, which screwed him over pretty bad (he didn't go to court, so they basically handed everything to his ex-wife), but that's his fault."


6."Sister-in-law here. I'd say it was when he pushed my sister into a thornbush over a petty argument the day after they got married."


7."When he brought his wife and his girlfriend to Thanksgiving brunch."

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8."Apparently when my mom married my dad, my grandad (my mom's dad) drove her to the church, and just before they arrived, he said to her, 'I can just keep driving if you want me to.' They lasted 12 years."

"It wasn't an awful relationship, but they were fundamentally incompatible. I love my dad, but I still can't work out what the hell she was thinking."


9."Sister-in-law here. The red flags were many — and neon, possibly visible from space — but the biggest one for me was the day I first met her. She was younger than me (my brother is 10-plus years my senior), and she asked me if I thought he'd get a credit card with her. She had a laundry list of things she wanted. I did the math, and they were in excess of $10K."

"They just divorced this year from what I hear. She's got some new boy toy, and I hope someone stops her before she sucks him dry too."


10."The moment someone told me they were having a child to save their marriage."

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11."When he caught her sleeping with a coworker — on their anniversary."


12."His wife butt-dialed me at 3 a.m., and I got to listen to 10 minutes of her sweet-talking a guy with the TV on in the background. I said nothing to either of them about it at the time."


13."SIL here. On their wedding day, when my sister was walking down the aisle, he was looking everywhere but at her. He looked bored and uninterested."

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"The final nail (for me) was when he tried to convince another one of our sisters to fool around with him. She was estranged with oldest sister and knew if she told her, she would just blame her or claim she was making it up to cause drama. The marriage officially ended after he got a vasectomy behind her back because he got his mistress pregnant, and she found out. His other kid is the same age as their middle child."


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14."Sister-in-law here. I was 7 years old when my sister's new boyfriend walked into our house, took one look at the fish tank, and asked, 'How do they breathe?' He was at least 20 years old at the time."

"They stayed together eight years, two of those married, before divorcing. My sister is remarried with a beautiful family now."


15."When he refused to go somewhere with her because it was outdoors, and he 'doesn't walk on grass or dirt.'"


16."My cousin was married to this guy my uncle hated, and I didn't understand why until he screamed at my 10-year-old sister for eating his Twinkie. They're divorced now."


And finally...

17."Sister-in-law here. Realized it when my sister got a stalker, and her husband did nothing but make fun of her despite how terrified she was. I think she's going to wait until their kid is 18 to divorce him."

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Fellow in-laws, when did you realize your kid, sibling, or other relative's marriage was over? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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