Are there laws for truckers regarding lug nuts?

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Sep. 17—Question: I have recently noticed several semi-trucks with lug nuts on their front tires that are pointed and stick out beyond the edge of the cab. I'm concerned that they could cause damage to other vehicles. Is there a law about this?

Answer: I believe you are referring to the lug nut covers. They are only a decoration and have no function of holding the rim onto the front assembly of the semi. There are no state or federal laws that prevent anyone from putting these over their lug nuts. The only law that may pertain to the pointed lug nuts would be in regard to the overall width of the vehicle. No vehicle or commercial vehicle can exceed 8 feet 6 inches wide on the roadway.

Commercial vehicle drivers are required to check the tightness of the lug nuts and other equipment when they perform their daily walk around check on the semi. If a semi is missing a certain amount of lug nuts, this would put their vehicle out of service until they were replaced.

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