Lawsuit Accuses McDonald's of Racial Discrimination

Herbert Washington alleges McDonald's corporate gives White franchise owners better treatment and better opportunities.

Video Transcript

- A man who owns more than a dozen McDonald's restaurants in Ohio is now suing the company for discrimination. Herbert Washington says McDonald's has denied him the chance to buy more restaurants in more affluent communities. And he says White franchise owners are just getting better treatment.

The lawsuit claims back in 1998, there were 377 Black franchise owners. Today, that number is down to 186. Yet, the number of McDonald's stores has more than doubled.

HERBERT WASHINGTON: White owner operators have higher volume restaurants than Blacks. They are given opportunities for the higher volume restaurants. As an example, I have a restaurant I have to have security in, OK. My counterpart will have a restaurant on the other side of town does not have to have security in.

- Now, Washington isn't the first to file a lawsuit of this kind. More than 50 former Black McDonald's franchise owners filed similar complaints back in September.