Family of 95-year-old who died during winter weather seeks lawsuit, attorney said

In the lawsuit, the attorney notes several causes which could have been prevented by ERCOT leaders.

Video Transcript

- We are also hearing from the attorney of a 95-year-old Acres Homes man who died in his frigid house during last week's power outages. The family of Doyle Austin says that he died after spending more than two days without electricity or natural gas. Attorney Larry Taylor, a managing partner with the Cochran firm in Houston, filed the lawsuit against ERCOT and CenterPoint last week. According to this suit, ERCOT and power companies failed in their response during the storm.

Taylor claims that while the outages were widespread, lower income communities, like Acres Home where Mr Austin lived, dealt with the worst of the misery. Taylor claims ERCOT and CenterPoint are liable for the property damage, injuries, and deaths.

LARRY TAYLOR: And you had reports, and you knew that your system needed to be upgraded and winterised, and you did nothing. You need to be held accountable, and you need to talk to the people. And the people being those members of the jury who are sitting here and representing all of us have suffered.

- Taylor says that he hopes the courts will not stand behind ERCOT and its sovereign immunity, which blocks people from suing them. Taylor says that the case is personal to him because he grew up in Acres Homes a few houses down from Mr. Austin.