Lawsuits allege Aiken man recorded over 20,000 images of people in his rental homes

Nov. 26—A member of a prominent Aiken Winter Colony family may have recorded more than 20,000 images of people in the bedrooms and bathrooms of homes he rented out over a 20-year period, according to two lawsuits filed in October.

Attorneys Wesley Few, Deborah Barbier and Ryan Beasley alleged that Rhett "Tiger" Riviere recorded approximately 21,000 images of people undressing or engaging in intimate activities over a 20-year period.

"Many of these images appear to be young teenage girls (some appear to be minors) in a state of undress," Few, Barbier and Beasley said in the Oct. 10 lawsuits. "There are also many images of people engaged in sexual activity and in intimate moments while in Riviere's properties."

These allegations were denied by Riviere in court documents filed Nov. 14.

Few, Barbier and Beasley filed the lawsuits on behalf of a couple that was allegedly recorded by Riviere from April through July of 2001 when they rented a home Riviere owned through one of two limited liability companies he owned or controlled: Chase Enterprises and R.C. Riviere Properties.

Named as defendants in the suits are Riviere, the two companies and Josee Riviere.

The husband and wife plaintiffs allege that all of the defendants were negligent or grossly negligent, that Rhett Riviere invaded their privacy and intentionally inflected emotional distress on the couple, that Rhett Riviere and Josee Riviere constructively defrauded or made misrepresentations to the couple, that Rhett Riviere and Josee Riviere were negligent per se and that all defendants committed unfair trade practices.

The allegations of negligence or gross negligence, invasion of privacy, intentional infliction of emotion distress and fraud were denied by Riviere and the companies in court documents filed Nov. 14.

The plaintiffs lawsuits were filed Monday, Oct. 10. Columbia attorney James Griffin accepted service on behalf of Riviere and the two companies on Thursday, Oct. 13.

These lawsuits are the latest in a series of legal troubles for Riviere over the recordings he allegedly made.

Riviere has been arrested twice; and including the suits filed Oct. 10, he has been sued five times over recordings .

Riviere was arrested July 28 and charged with two counts of first offense voyeurism for allegedly recording the same couple between April and July 2001.

Those charges remain pending on a 180-day track, according to records from the Aiken County Court of General Sessions.

Riviere also was arrested June 2, 2021, and charged with one count of first offense voyeurism. He was accused of recording two women who stayed at a rental property he owned in 2019.

Those charges remain pending and on a 180-day track, according to records from the Aiken County Court of General Sessions.

Two of the other three civil suits filed against Riviere have been dismissed — one has been confirmed to have been settled — and one remains pending.

The woman involved in the pending suit also has filed a lawsuit over a property transfer Riviere made.