Lawyer in Antrim County election fraud case announces campaign for Michigan attorney general

An attorney hired to lead a 2020 election lawsuit in Antrim County announced his run for Michigan attorney general.

“It’s official,” said a news release posted to Matthew DePerno’s Twitter late Wednesday.

DePerno, who represents resident William Bailey against Antrim County and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, will seek the state’s top law enforcement post in 2022, currently held by Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel.

“DePerno will engage in impartial criminal investigations and will follow and enforce the law,” the announcement said.


The attorney has been the face of the battle against officials over election results in Antrim County, a jurisdiction in northern Michigan. He and others, including President Donald Trump, alleged the county voting machines were hacked, changing the votes.

Initial results in the county showed President Joe Biden prevailing, although officials discovered tabulation errors and certified Trump as the winner. Officials blamed the incident on human error.

DePerno and his client unsuccessfully sought to have a judge order a new audit of election results in Antrim County.

The Republican-led Michigan Senate Oversight Committee released a report in June that found the battleground state’s certified election results were accurate. The 55-page report also devoted significant space to allegations of fraud in Antrim County and mentioned DePerno by name, calling his arguments “demonstrably false and based on misleading information and illogical conclusions.”

“All compelling theories that sprang forth from the rumors surrounding Antrim County are diminished so significantly as for it to be a complete waste of time to consider them further,” Republican Oversight Committee Chairman Ed McBroom concluded in a letter attached to the report.

Nessel recently announced her office, with the assistance of state police, would investigate individuals who may have personally profited off election fraud claims in Michigan, something the oversight committee recommended in its report.

The committee suggested the attorney general investigate “those who have been utilizing misleading and false information about Antrim County to raise money or publicity for their own ends.”


Former Michigan state Sen. Patrick Colbeck and My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell also made fraud claims about the election and are mentioned in the report.

DePerno has practiced law in Michigan for 26 years, according to the campaign announcement. He promised to “work to serve the people of Michigan by providing transparency of government functions.”

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