Lawyer says Matt Gaetz 'not feeling comfortable'

An associate of Rep. Matt Gaetz's is working toward a plea deal with federal prosecutors investigating a sex trafficking operation, potentially escalating the legal and political jeopardy facing the Florida congressman. (April 9)

Video Transcript

FRITZ SCHELLER: What you have to see, to answer a question about cooperation, is one, is there a plea agreement? And number two, is there a cooperation provision? OK, and the reason the cooperation provision is critical in the Middle District of Florida is it's not a discretionary. You know, if somebody signs of cooperation agreement, they're required to cooperate.

I'm sure Matt Gaetz is not feeling very comfortable today. But you've seen the number of stories. And the emphasis in the last few days is on the Matt Gaetz, Joel Greenberg relationship, right? So I mean, wouldn't it be obvious to assume that he would be concerned?

You're saying, if we're talking about a plea agreement with--

- Plea agreement-- do you think he has a good bargaining chip there, now to other people are involved in this investigation, including Matt Gaetz.

FRITZ SCHELLER: I think that Mr. Greenberg, if he accepts a plea or a plea agreement, that one, it will show his sense of remorse, which he does have, and his sense of acceptance of responsibility.