Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery review staff

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery lets you search for and recover all kinds of files, whether they were accidentally deleted or lost in another way.


Recovery mode options: Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery offers several search options. These include a Fast Scan, which can quickly find files recently deleted in an uncomplicated manner, and Undelete, which lets you retrieve files from a partition or a removable drive that was accidentally reformatted. However, if you've lost files due to a deleted or damaged partition, the Deep Scan option will let you recover the partition first, and then dig out the files and folders from there.

Accessible to all: Thanks to the built-in Data Recovery Wizard, Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is relatively easy to use, even for the least experienced users. The Wizard walks you through all of the necessary steps for file detection and recovery, and there is also a comprehensive Help feature that you can consult if you still get stuck on something.


Uninviting interface: While the Wizard and Help features make it possible for inexperienced users to take advantage of the app's features, the interface itself can be a little intimidating. It's easy enough to use once you get used to it, but its sterility might put off some users at first.

Bottom Line

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery gives you all the tools you need to retrieve lost files, regardless of how you lost them in the first place. Its Wizard feature lets even inexperienced users take full advantage of all it has to offer, and it's completely free to download and use without limits.

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