Leader of German AfD party speaks of war's ending, compares Ukraine to Nazi Germany

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Tino Chrupalla, leader of the right-wing populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) has compared Ukraine with Nazi Germany during a televised debate when he spoke about the prospects of ending the war.

Source: A number of German media outlets covered the debate, including Bild, as reported by European Pravda

Details: The debate between Chrupalla and the leader of the Free Democratic Party, Christian Dürr, took place during the evening ARD programme on Wednesday, where politicians argued about issues related to Russia's war against Ukraine.

Among other things, Tino Chrupalla made statements suggesting that Ukraine "will emerge from this war as a loser, just like Russia! Again there is only one winner, and that winner’s name is USA," as well as complaints that Germany can no longer buy Russian gas profitable for it and buys "dirty shale gas from America." To the indignation of his opponent, who was shocked by his indifference to the death of Ukrainians, Chrupalla said that people also died in Iraq and Afghanistan, so with that logic they cannot buy energy resources from the United States either.

The scandalous comparison came after the moderator asked whether he believed that Ukraine should stop resisting.

Chrupalla said at first that he did not mean Ukraine should capitulate, but that "the goal should be a willingness to speak so that both sides can save face." He added that "any day when the war ends sooner, even with the surrender of territories, is a good day."

Dürr called such considerations downright absurd and asked if Chrupalla would suggest the same thing if it were his own country.

Tino Chrupalla said Germany actually did just that in 1945.

"Did you really just say that Hitler's Germany, the Wehrmacht, which had to capitulate, can be compared to Ukraine?", the moderator asked.

Chrupalla then tried to argue that the proposal that Ukraine should capitulate was made by the moderator, and did not confirm his words or take them back.

He also said that he did not see any problems with going to the Russian embassy for events on 9 May, because "he did not celebrate it there and this is a day of remembrance."

According to recent opinion polls, the AfD has overtaken Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s party in the ratings and is in second place, immediately after the CDU, with a record level of support.

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