Trump could face fresh impeachment over Roger Stone intervention, leading House Democrat suggests

Alex Woodward
POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Eric Swalwell says impeaching Donald Trump for his potential interference in Roger Stone's sentencing is not "off the table" as congressional Democrats prepare to hear from administration officials about the apparent "erosion of independence" inside the Department of Justice.

The California Congressman and member of the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees told CNN that members of Congress "don't wake up in the morning wanting to impeach him" though the president has been "learning the wrong lessons" from his acquittal by the Senate, ​even after Republican allies admitted the president's wrongdoing following his impeachment in the House on charges of abuse of power and obstruction in his dealings with Ukraine and subsequent congressional investigation.

Federal prosecutors initially suggested a seven to nine year prison sentence for Mr Stone after the longtime Republican operative was found guilty of charges stemming from Robert Mueller's investigation into foreign influence in US elections in 2016. But the president tweeted his displeasure with that sentence, calling it "unfair" and a "miscarriage of justice".

Justice Department officials intervened, leading to the resignation of several prosecutors from the case.

The White House has denied the president's coordination with the Justice Department.

Mr Swalwell said: "He could just pardon Roger Stone ... but to infect his corruption into the DOJ, that's what's so concerning."

Attorney General William Barr is expected to address members of Congress following the latest scandal.