Leah Remini: Baby Suri Cruise Was Left Wailing on Bathroom Floor at Tom and Katie's Wedding

Actress Leah Remini is revealing alleged Tom Cruise Scientology secrets in her new tell-all memoir titled Troublemaker.

The star of the "King of Queens" sitcom says she began questioning her commitment to Scientology at the star-studded wedding of Cruise and Katie Holmes.

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Cruise stood at the altar for 20 minutes, waiting for Holmes to finally walk down the aisle, she said.

There also was a baby crying somewhere in the background, which all the guests could hear, Remini said. The child was seven-month-old Suri Cruise, who had been left unattended in a bathroom, she said.

Remini says baby Suri only stopped crying after she convinced someone to pick up the baby and give her a bottle of warm milk.

Remini cllaims she was invited so she would bring friend Jennifer Lopez and her then-husband Marc Anthony.

"They wanted me to recruit them to Scientology," the celebrity told "20/20."

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Scientology denies Remini's allegations, telling INSIDE EDITION she is "a bitter ex-Scientologist."

Remini said she is glad that Holmes and her daughter are not Scientologists. "She had to protect her daughter, which in a way connects us."

Holmes filed for divorce in 2012

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