This Leaked Harry Styles Song Is Currently Blowing up on TikTok — Listen to the Clip Here

This Leaked Harry Styles Song Is Currently Blowing up on TikTok — Listen to the Clip Here
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Wake up, besties, and grab your earbuds, because a new Harry Styles song just dropped…sort of.

If you're on the H.S. side of TikTok (🙋♀️) and have scrolled through the video app in the past 24 hours, you might've heard a catchy little Harry Styles tune that doesn’t quite sound like any of his already released songs. It’s seemingly a brand new clip of a never-heard-before H.S. tune that just got leaked onto the Internet a few days ago.

Where did this unnamed song come from, you ask? Well, it's highly unlikely that the song is from an upcoming album, considering the fact that Harry has been on his global Love On tour since September 2021 and won't be wrapping up until July 2023. However, there is a real possibility that the clip is from a song that got cut from a previous album. It's unconfirmed, but based off of the mellow feel of Harry's House and the playful retro energy of Fine Line, many fans are guessing that the leaked song was cut from Harry's self-titled debut rock album from 2017.

TikTok user @hesdayliqht created a fan edit of Harry Styles using the leaked audio that was first posted to Twitter, and the viral video currently has 518,000 views. "Don't ask me to talk it out, I don't wanna talk," croons Harry, singing along with a heavy rock instrumental in the background.

"I just fell on the floor," commented one fan. "I neeeeeeed the full version of this song," declared another. Others flocked to the comments to reminisce about LHH (a.k.a. the Long Hair Harry era from 2014-2015 where the singer rocked varying styles of chin- to shoulder-length hair), saying that the beats and raspy vocal style reminded them of his rocker style at the time.

Who’s this little tune about, Harry? Will we be getting the full version anytime soon? Our DMs are always open... 👀

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