Leaping deer soars high over moving car to avoid collision, Michigan video shows

Michigan State Police

Dash camera video captured an impressive display of athleticism from a panicked deer inches from disaster in Michigan.

A state trooper was driving at night along a road near the town of St. Joseph, in southwest Michigan, when a small group of deer suddenly burst out of the treeline, video shared Sept. 22 by the Michigan State Police shows.

While the trooper slows down to let the incoming animals pass, the sedan ahead doesn’t seem to react at all.

One deer can be seen dashing right in front of the sedan, making it to safety on the other side of the road.

For a split second, the sedan seems to be in the clear — then headlights reveal another deer running into the road, directly toward the vehicle, video shows.

The deer appears destined to smash directly into the side of the car, until it suddenly takes off, leaping over the roof and landing unharmed.

Police shared video of the close call as a reminder to drivers that deer season is here and to be watchful while on the road.

“Reminder: If deer cross your path - apply controlled braking; steer straight; don’t swerve,” MSP said.

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