Learn to save a life with CPR Alive in Willimantic

Mar. 9—WILLIMANTIC — Knowing how to save a life and how to survive through an emergency should be essential for everyone, not just those required by law to maintain their certifications, according to Sheila Clark, a local emergency medical technician, instructor and owner of CPR Alive Health and Survival in Willimantic.

"Any business (or situation) that has a potential for injury, I can help. The more people that are trained in the workplace, the better," Clark said.

Businesses of all sizes and families and individuals of all levels of experience and age are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of CPR Alive Health & Survival's basic life support, first aid, CPR and safety- training services.

Having been in this field of business for more than nine years, Clark is certified to teach a multitude of courses from the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, Medic First and the National Safety Council.

She has received ringing endorsements from clients.

"If you're going to learn how to save somebody's life and know what to do, you want to be learning with someone who is invested in it," Green Tree Valley LLC arborist Josh Walmsley said.

Walmsley and his team at Green Tree Valley LLC in North Windham are returning clients for Clark's training services.

"She's very thorough and it's obvious she's passionate about CPR and first aid. After talking with her, it's clear she's very well vested in the community itself and in multiple fire departments," Walmsley said.

"Everything was very safe, we wore masks, she disinfected everything when she came in this morning and she cleaned and disinfected while we were training and moving around. She had every and any (COVID safety) protocol there should be."

In addition to basic life support, first aid and adult, child and infant CPR classes, Clark also teaches Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety courses, wilderness first-aid courses and other survival technique courses.

CPR Alive Health & Survival is located at 322 Main St., at Unit 2E in Willimantic for groups of up to four.

However, Clark offers mobile services to businesses, nonprofits and other organizations.

Private, in- home training courses are also available to individuals and families who want to learn how to save lives in the comfort of their own living spaces.

Due to the COVID- 19 pandemic, many of Clark's courses have been adapted to an in- person and virtual hybrid training model.

" Students will watch a portion of the training course online and then come in to practice the skills portion in person and still get their certificate. It's what we call blended learning," Clark said.

And for those who want to do the entire course in- person either alone, or in a small group, Clark can be flexible and make it work, she said.

" There are some people who rather have that one- on- one time," she said.

Having first- hand experience with people with learning disabilities, Clark said she goes above and beyond to make sure her instruction reaches people of all types of learning; visual, auditory, reading/ writing and kinesthetics.

" That's very important to me, to spend that time with each individual," Clark said.

Clark has traveled throughout the country practicing and teaching first aid.

She also has volunteered in and outside of the United States with the American Red Cross to provide disaster relief aid.

She currently works as an EMT with the South Windham Fire Department and, in 2017, she was recognized as member of the year.

Clark also teaches at Three Rivers Community College and Quinebaug Valley Community College, where students can get certified and earn college credit simultaneously.

In an interview with Clark, she emphasized the importance of giving credit to the SWFD, the Windham Center Fire Department, the Willimantic Fire Department and the Windham Hospital Paramedics.

For more information on services offered and class registration visit the CPR Alive Health & Survival website at www.cpralive.com. The most recent information can be found on the CPR Alive Health & Survival or by emailing cpralive@ gmail. com or calling 860-608-8703.

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CPR Alive Health & Survival

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