Learning lifeline for London kids struggling to do online lessons

In a community centre in a London suburb -- surrounded by old computers and tangled leads -- volunteers take their screwdrivers to the piles of donated equipment. Their aim? To throw a learning lifeline to the many kids unable to access online lessons during the UK's latest coronavirus lockdown.

Video Transcript

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DAMIAN GRIFFITHS: I was surprised how many don't have any laptops at home. Because it seems like there's a new generation that rely on mobile phones and they have internet at home but they don't have a laptop. So they don't have something appropriate for doing schoolwork or homework. And now, with the online learning, the online schooling, every child needs a laptop so it's really a demand that's way in excess of-- I mean, the demand to us from Lewisham is away in excess of what we can deliver.


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STACEY MCINTOSH: We've got loads of-- we've loads of families that have nothing and were just using phones. They don't even have a phone. And obviously from a safeguarding point of view, we need to see the children as well.

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STACEY MCINTOSH: Thanks. Thank you.