At least 1,000 Kharkiv Oblast civilians killed in the war

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A destroyed school in Kharkiv
A destroyed school in Kharkiv

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“The aggressor state is terrorizing and killing civilians,” said Filchakov.

“More than 1,000 civilians have been killed in Kharkiv Oblast to date, with twice as many wounded. The fatal casualties include 50 children. The youngest victim of (the Russian) aggression was a 5-month-old baby.”

According to the prosecutor, Kharkiv law enforcement officials are investigating nearly 3,500 criminal cases related to Russian disregard for international law and rules of war. These include 50 murder cases, four rape cases, 300 cases of enemy looting, and at least 120 cases of wrongful imprisonment.

Filchakov added that the region remains under relentless Russian missile and artillery strikes.

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“Over 7,000 buildings were destroyed or damaged (during the war), including 2,800 apartment blocks, nearly 1,800 homes, at least 500 education facilities, and 150 hospitals,” he said.

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