At least 5 killed in crash on icy Texas interstate

Police say at least five people were killed and dozens injured in a massive crash involving 75 to 100 vehicles on an icy Texas interstate. The pileup on Interstate 35 in Fort Worth happened as freezing rain, sleet and snow fell in the U.S. (Feb. 11)

Video Transcript

DANIEL SEGURA: In my almost 20 years in the service, this is the first time ever that I see anything like this in Fort Worth. We can confirm so far we have at least five fatalities. We're estimating between 75 up to 100 vehicles, maybe more.

Again, we're going to take all the time possible to keep everyone safe, especially the ones that are still inside of their vehicles. And we are working with all the family members to reunite everyone involved with their loved ones at one of our city community centers. Stay safe. And keep your distance. Slow down, please.