At Least 6 People Injured After Gunmen Open Fire on Crowd in Louisiana

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Image via Getty/kali9
Image via Getty/kali9

Early Saturday morning, six people were left wounded by multiple gunmen opening fire on a crowd of pedestrians in Shreveport, Louisiana, KTBS reports.

The incident unfolded at 1:45 a.m. when multiple shooters appeared from a silver sedan on Market Street and started randomly shooting into a crowd.

Police stated that three women and three men were injured, with two of the victims sustaining serious wound.

After a brief pursuit of the gunmen, officials located a possible suspect vehicle near North Shreveport, resulting in one person being brought to custody.

“It is safe to say that the persons responsible for this crime do not care about their victims, do not care about downtown, and do not care about our city,” stthe city’s Downtown Development Authority said in a statement,

“They are the outliers in a city filled with many more good people than bad. The Downtown Development Authority stands with police and other partners to employ whatever means are available to bring any responsible parties to justice. Meanwhile, we will continue our work to make downtown a place filled with art, events, business, and opportunities. We refuse to let the bad people win,” they added.

In a separate event, seven people were injured in a mass shooting around 11 p.m. on Friday. A gunmen opened fire at group of people having a cookout in a residential neighborhood, striking them. One is facing life threatening injuries.

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