At least 90 reportedly killed in blast in Somalia

Tim O'Donnell

A truck filled with explosives blew up in Mogadishu, Somalia, on Saturday reportedly killing at least 90 people and wounding dozens more in the Somali capital.

An international organization, which did not wish to be named, reported the death toll was more than 90, and a Somali MP also tweeted that he had been told the same. Police officers, students, and two Turkish nationals were reportedly among the victims, Reuters reports.

The blast was the latest in a series of deadly events in the country this year, and while the Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group al-Shabaab regularly carries out attacks to undermine the government, no terrorist organization immediately claimed responsibility for Saturday's bombing. In the past, though, al-Shabaab has refrained from claiming responsibility for larger attacks that result in major public backlash, Reuters reports.

Somali Prime Minister Hassan Khayre said he appointed a national committee to respond to the victims and assist in the evacuation of those seeking medical care abroad. Read more at Reuters and The New York Times.

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