At least one dead, several injured, after devastating tornado

At least one person was killed and seven injured after a tornado ripped apart homes near Palmetto, Louisiana, overnight from April 9 into 10. AccuWeather's Kim Leoffler had the story.

Video Transcript

KIM LOEFFLER: Homes crushed, cars tossed around like toys. That's just some of the damage on Bolton Road in Palmetto, Louisiana, Saturday after a tornado moved through the area overnight.

EVA COUNCIL: So we came from here to there.

KIM LOEFFLER: Eva Council was asleep when she heard the tornado sirens go off around 2:00 AM. She and her husband rushed to an interior bathroom.

EVA COUNCIL: We heard the wind coming strong. And my husband said, "OK move." And so we cut across and came through here. The glass was coming from the window, from the door right there, and we could hear as everything was starting to crumble. And we made it to that. I couldn't find the door handle to the bathroom and he just pushed the door open.

KIM LOEFFLER: Her roof ripped off. But the bathroom where she and her husband were was untouched.

EVA COUNCIL: We got down into the bathtub and just listened as everything just crumbled around us. But we were OK. The only thing I can remember thinking is, "I trust you, Lord, no matter what happens."

KIM LOEFFLER: St. Landry Parish President Jessie Bellard estimates about eight homes here were destroyed. He says one person was killed. Seven others are currently being treated for injuries, some severe.

JESSIE BELLARD: One we just got a confirmation they had to transport to another hospital in Lafayette. He had severe back injuries. And another one was punctured lungs and broken ribs, of that nature. This is unbelievable. It's devastating. I mean, you see homes that's just not there no more. It's just unbelievable to see what we're looking at right now.

KIM LOEFFLER: And as sunrise showed the extent of the damage here, residents like Council tell us they feel lucky to have made it through this storm.

EVA COUNCIL: None of this matters. I'm just so grateful that we're both OK and alive.

KIM LOEFFLER: Reporting in Palmetto for AccuWeather, I'm Kim Loeffler.