Leave it to Biewer: New dog breed for many US shows

It’s called the Biewer terrier, and it’s been busy. The American Kennel Club announced Monday that the tiny, chipper Biewer — pronounced like “beaver” — became its 197th recognized breed. (Jan. 8)

Video Transcript

KAMILLA SZASZ: So these are three Biewer terriers. They have been accepted to the AKC Toy group just this January 1st. We are very proud of the club's achievement. They achieved the full recognition in the record time. And we're very excited to be part of the Toy group.

This is Marco. He is three years old. He is a pet. This is Bruno. He's also three years old. He is a show dog and a stud and a Papa to a few very, very cute little puppies. And this is Yuna. She's eight months old. She just arrived from Russia.

So they're the Biewer terriers, and they will be in the AKC Toy group from now on, competing against breeds that you might know-- the Maltese, the Yorkshire terrier, the Pomeranian, and the Pekingese that has been very popular these days, that breed. And they will be in the ring with them in the confirmation shows.