Lebanese architect builds a 'self-sufficient' home

STORY: A Lebanese architect built himself a 'self-sufficient' home

to raise awareness about the pollution associated with construction

Location: Baskinta, Lebanon

(Nizar Haddad, Architect)

“Today, there is a problem in architectural engineering, it pollutes the environment very much, the whole construction process is not eco-friendly, it pollutes both water and air, it's also inefficient. Houses today always require heating, cooling, electricity and water so there is high dependency.”

The building, named ‘Life House,’ runs on a rainwater collection system and solar panels on the roof

It features natural mud brick walls with integrated upcycled glass bottles to provide light

(Nizar Haddad, Architect)

“We are inside the glass room, it has an important role in cooling and heating the house, it allows us to plant exotic fruits because it has a warm climate all year.”