Lebanese Artist Creates Sculpture Out of Rubble From Beirut Blast

A sculpture of a woman made out of rubble from the Beirut Port explosion, created by Lebanese artist Hayat Nazer, now sits near the site in Lebanon’s capital, reports said.

The statue is made from broken glass, building debris, and household items that were destroyed during the explosion that killed at least 200 people and injured thousands in Beirut on August 4. A broken clock near the base of the sculpture reads 6.08 pm, marking the time the blast rocked the city.

In a video posted to her Instagram account on August 30, Nazer appealed to the public to help gather “meaningful items” that were broken in the explosion, such as “photo frames, broken clocks and wooden chairs.”

Nazer later asked people to help come up with a name for the piece. No name had been selected at the time of writing.

Video filmed by local resident Oliver Zeitoun on October 22 shows the statue standing near the site of the explosion, facing toward the city with one arm raised. Credit: Oliver Zeitoun via Storyful