Lebanese beekeeper dives into honey making

STORY: This beekeeper had a fateful encounter with bees in 2010

He accidentally ran into a beehive and didn't get stung

He says it sparked a passion for the tiny creatures

More than 10 years later, he has his own apiary

His more than 100 beehives produce about 2,200 pounds of honey each year

Mohamed Abdel Salam Nasrallah, Beekeeper and honey maker

"I started beekeeping as a hobby initially, and I loved it. I am the type of person who gives from his heart to what he loves. At the beginning, when I started, I didn't make that much profit. I invested everything I make back into the bees because the bee becomes like any child you raise, you take care of them and give them from your heart. Bees are my passion. I wake up on bees, I sleep on bees, my whole life is around bees. It is not only business at all."