Lebanese organization lights up Beirut neighborhoods

STORY: A Lebanese NGO is

bringing light back to Beirut streets

‘Rebirth Beirut’ was founded

following the Beirut port explosion

Their initiative powers

traffic lights and street lamps

amid the government's failure

to solve acute electricity shortages


“All together, hand in hand, we are able to succeed in this initiative of lighting up Beirut again. If we want to wait for the government, we might wait a long time and the idea is to light up Beirut again. Beirut is sad, Beirut has shut down so if we, the local community and the private sector, are able to light our city, we shouldn’t wait, we should light it up ourselves. Hopefully one day not too long from now, we will have electricity again and our city will be lit without the need for initiatives of NGOs.”

The NGO has already installed

a dozen solar panels on traffic lights

in areas most affected by

the 2020 port blast


“Before 'Rebirth Beirut' installed the lights, I was honestly scared of walking on the street because one couldn’t see and you didn’t feel like you were in a safe environment. Even as women, obviously it’s always more of a challenge, a bigger challenge, because there is a risk of getting assaulted. Of course, now that there are lights, you feel that it is safer, and at the same time you feel like it is more alive. Before, you felt like it’s a dead area and Rebirth Beirut have brought a bit more life back, it really is a rebirth honestly.”