Lebanon man transforms fuel car to run on solar

STORY: This gas guzzling car

now runs on sunshine

Location: Sidon, Lebanon

Ahmad al-Safadi transformed his car

as fuel prices skyrocketed

amid Lebanon's economic crisis


"This car used to run on fuel. I turned it into an electric one. It runs depending on the battery charge. The batteries that I have now put in it are motorcycle batteries, and I installed the solar panel system in order for it to help me in case the batteries run out. So I can charge the car while I am driving, and it would take me for a longer distance. Also, if it needs to drive for even longer distances, I can install larger batteries. But I have done it so I can drive inside Sidon, inside the city, so the car is enough for me as it is."

The car also serves as a

mobile generator for his shop

State electricity is severely rationed

others are left paying for private generators


“I can go drink a cup of coffee now, finish in five to 10 minutes and come back to find the car fully charged from the sun - of course, for free."