Lebron James’ career highlights

STORY: “Greatness is defined by how much hard work you put into what you do, going for, accomplishing goals. Also, being able to come back from adversity.”

Lebron James’ career highlights


James is named Rookie of the Year

in the 2003-04 NBA Season


He wins the NBA Most Valuable Player

Award - the first of four in his career


James claims his second Olympic gold

with the U.S. men’s team in London

The medal comes right after he wins his first

NBA championship with the Miami Heat

“You win an NBA championship, you win an MVP in the regular season, Finals MVP, and a gold medal all in the same year. This is a dream come true, it's a perfect year, man. It's been amazing.”

He's won 4 NBA championships

in his almost 2-decade-long career


He records his 10,000th career assist


James becomes the NBA’s

all-time leading scorer

surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's

nearly four-decade-old career record