LeBron will still wear No. 6 despite NBA retiring Bill Russell’s No. 6

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On July 31, Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell passed away, sending the NBA community into a state of sadness.

The league has now announced that Russell’s No. 6 will be retired by all 30 teams in his honor and memory.

He wasn’t just one of the game’s greatest players who revolutionized the game and how it was played, but he was also an incredible advocate off the court for equality, fairness and justice.

Even though Russell’s Celtics beat the Los Angeles Lakers seven times in the NBA Finals, he became a beloved figure in L.A.

But the NBA’s decision won’t affect LeBron James, as he will be allowed to continue to wear No. 6.

James, of course, switched to No. 6 just a year ago. He had worn No. 23 for his first three seasons with the Purple and Gold.

Previously, as a member of the Miami Heat from 2010 to 2014, he had donned No. 6.


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