Lee County Deputies and Trappers Capture Large Alligator in Florida

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said it helped the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) capture an alligator in Lee County, Florida, on April 1.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office shared this footage that shows deputies working with FWC trappers to hoist a large alligator onto a truck, joining two other gators that were previously caught. FWC trappers said in the video that they estimated the alligator to be about 9 feet and 9 inches long.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said on Facebook that the three alligators would be “relocated to an alligator farm to live out the rest of their lives.” The sheriff’s office did not specify which alligator facility the animals would be brought to. Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office via Storyful

Video Transcript

- You got to pull it forward, Tracy. Pull it forward.

- Hello, Lee County. For everybody streaming us live right now on Facebook, we are right here just off of a [? Allco ?] Road, where FWC trappers are working alongside with our deputies. They have just trapped a gator, and it will now be transported to the back of this truck. We're going to show you now as they are carrying this gator.

All right, good stuff. As you can see, there are-- already, this is now the third gator now inside of here. How large would you guys say that gator is?

- Nine foot, nine inches.

- Nine feet, nine inches. OK, so for everybody joining us now on Facebook, as you just saw moments ago, those were our deputies working alongside trappers with FWC in relocating this nuisance alligator. I'm going to step outside, again, so that you can get a better look.

They are just securing the back of this truck right now, where now three gators are sitting. And remember, if you do have a nuisance gator in your community, you can call the toll free hotline on FWC's website to bring a trapper over. So that way, it can be relocated to a natural habitat. For the Lee County Sheriff's Office, I'm public information officer Nestor Montoya.