The Left is trying to redefine critical race theory because it's losing

The Left tried to use last summer’s momentum from the Black Lives Matter movement to push its destructive ideas of so-called “anti-racism” and critical race theory. Now, it's frantically trying to redefine the terms of the debate, as the momentum has built up against it instead.

Liberals are now asking that you pay no attention to the curriculum behind the curtain. They have taken to insisting that critical race theory isn’t actually being taught in K-12 schools, even though there are clear examples that show that it is. The New York Times even wrote in July 2020 about the “anti-racism” programs being brought to parents and staff in various school districts. Another New York Times piece published just two weeks ago noted that critical race theory is a "framework that has found its way into K-12 public education."

The controversial, Pulitzer-winning 1619 Project, which was riddled with historical inaccuracies and crafted on the false premise that the American Revolution was fought to preserve slavery, has also been pushed into K-12 curricula. The project’s architect, Nikole Hannah-Jones, is among the many liberals trying to cast critical race theory in the narrowest terms possible.

She is trying to distance her shoddy “journalism” from critical race theory because the push against it is real and effective.

As with nonsensical definitions of "assault weapon" or weapon of war" in the gun debate, the Left constantly tries to redefine the terms of debate when they are losing an issue. Were it not for the shield of the Supreme Court, abortion would be far more restricted in the United States. That is also a losing issue for them, so much so that they must redefine the pro-life movement as “anti-choice" and abortion is a “procedure” or, more simply, a “women’s rights issue.” In recent years, they have tried hard to shift attention from abortion itself to birth control.

Now, they’re trying to erase their own connections to Ibram X. Kendi, Robin DiAngelo, and other racial hucksters whom they zealously promoted not long ago — people who, yes, have managed to worm their way into K-12 curricula. All of those school districts spending thousands on Kendi’s books, “anti-racism” programs, and bureaucrats with words such as “equity” in their title — now, these clowns want to make us all think that we imagined all of it.

This is obviously a good sign. It means that the push against these toxic ideas, from both Republican state governments and the concerned parents at local school board meetings, is working. Much like Hannah-Jones did in constantly moving the goalposts on the merits of the 1619 Project, she and other liberals are doing the same here because they are losing the fight to indoctrinate America’s youth with their toxic and divisive racial obsession. We are on the right path, and the push to reject these ideas must continue apace.

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