Legal profession can’t let Supreme Court justices’ deceit during confirmation stand

Trust undermined

The lies before the U.S. Senate from three Supreme Court justices during their confirmation hearings, leading to a likely decision fundamentally altering life in the United States, should compel the American Bar Association to demand their immediate resignations. The justices’ deceit in the face of direct questioning has undermined the justice system for which the ABA stands.

The corruption of the nation’s highest court cannot be allowed to go unchallenged. Every ABA member who respects the integrity of his or her profession, regardless of political persuasion or religious affiliation, should immediately demand the ABA protest this egregious attack on American jurisprudence.

If future Supreme Court justices cannot be held accountable for their sworn testimony, then oaths in court mean nothing. Our legal system is being challenged by the very justices sworn to uphold its integrity.

- Rabbi Mark H. Levin, Prairie Village

Work for us

I live and vote in Wyandotte County. My goodness, Mayor Tyrone Garner, get a grip. (May 6, 7A, “Wyandotte County needs Garner to stay in the room”)

Wyandotte County’s commissioners are not your adversaries. They are, along with you, the city and county’s leadership team. Each seems to believe it is in my best interest as their constituent to conduct a nationwide search to find our city manager. This routine practice gives my elected representatives the chance to choose the best candidate to manage my city and county. Why in the world do you object?

- Stephanie Reynolds, Kansas City, Kansas

KCK’s needs

It seems we in Kansas City, Kansas, elected the wrong person for mayor. Mayor Tyrone Garner’s latest tantrum at the commission meeting is yet another example of his poor decision-making. Soon after taking office, he bought an expensive SUV — and to make matters worse, he bought it out of state. Returning it does not change his original decision.

The mayor’s reluctance to let the county commission look for candidates for administrator is an affront to open politics. The people have the right to identify the best person for the job, not someone given the position without vetting.

We in KCK need a leader with some forward thinking and the ability to make rational decisions and not throw tantrums when things don’t go his way.

- Ernest Dibal, Kansas City, Kansas

Two breaches

Sen. Josh Hawley, I too find it very disconcerting that one of the three cornerstones of our democracy, the Supreme Court, has been breached and the highest court in the land has been compromised. (April 5, 4A, “Hawley tries to keep focus on leak, not Supreme Court draft”)

However, Senator, I am confused as to why you were not outraged and proactive about the Jan. 6, 2021, insurgency against our Congress, another cornerstone of our democracy. Please explain the disparity of your responses to these unconscionable attacks on our country and Constitution.

- Andy Hickerson, Leawood

Rethink ‘pro-life’

I am an old white guy, a member of the demographic that likes to make all the rules that my group expects you to live by. I have been thinking a lot lately about abortion and the right to life. I am a proud pro-lifer — anti-abortion, pro-affordable or free health care for all and against capital punishment.

It seems that many individuals in my demographic are excited about the possibility of punishing women who make the difficult and personal decision to have an abortion. I might be persuaded to adopt that approach if the father of that child is also prosecuted. There would be no need for an abortion if it wasn’t for the father. If I drove a person to a destination where I knew there was a potential for a crime, wouldn’t I also be held responsible?

Many in my group, especially those we elect, would say that my ideas are outrageous. It is easy to be pro-life when you experience none of the consequences. It also makes for good talking points.

I challenge all our elected representatives to adopt this thinking. If you really are pro-life, prove it.

- Dale Knowlton, Lee’s Summit

In the plan

Planned Parenthood helps us celebrate Mother’s Day.

- Nancy Hatch, Kansas City

Bring justice

As Catholic sisters, registered Democratic voters in Kansas and members of Network, we urge the U.S. Senate to bring to the floor for a vote the EQUAL Act, S.79.

This bill would eliminate the disproportionate sentencing for crack and powder cocaine and the disparity between Black and white people in sentencing. Justice is needed.

We are grateful that Republican Sens. Jerry Moran of Kansas and Roy Blunt of Missouri have co-sponsored the EQUAL Act and urge GOP Sens. Roger Marshall of Kansas and Josh Hawley of Missouri to do the same. Bipartisanship is possible.

- Sister Angela Fitzpatrick and Sister Michele Morek, Roeland Park

Royal pains

Highly rated players — mostly pitchers — come to Kansas City and flop, like Kris Bubic and Jake Brentz. Something is wrong somewhere, and until it’s fixed, Royals baseball will continue to stink.

Bubic on Wednesday — another failure to make it through the first inning.

- Robert Bass, Overland Park