Legendary executive producer retiring from Action News after 39 years

Congrats to our friend and 11 p.m. Executive Producer Rick Williams, one of the true pillars of Action News. He retired on Wednesday after nearly 40 years with the 6abc family.

Video Transcript

- Tonight we say goodbye to one of the true pillars of Action News, our 11:00 executive producer, Rick Williams, who is retiring in exactly 15 minutes. We gave him the 11:00 off tonight.

He has been here for a very long time, and so it's about time we introduced you to him.

On August 23, 1982, a 20-something from Columbus, Ohio, walked in to Channel 6 for the first time to begin producing the weekend news. Little did anyone know that he was starting a career as one of the pillars of Action News, a career that finally comes to an end today.

You know the name Rick Williams as belonging to our long-time and beloved anchor of the 5:00 news, but inside Channel 6, there are two Rick Williams. And by far, the louder one is Rick Williams, executive producer.

Nobody has to guess if Rick is happy with a reporter's live shot, or happy with the way a piece of video was shot, or with a particular graphic. We all know immediately.

But that's part of the magic that is Rick. Every one of us has, for decades, tried to make Rick happy. And when he left the weekend news, Rick became producer of the 6:00 news. I was honored to partner with Rick to keep viewers informed over the dinner hour for 13 years.

Rick had an intuitive sense of how to produce a compelling, fast-paced, half-hour of news, one that prioritized accuracy and urgency. In other words, Rick made sure we put the "action" in Action News.

For the past 20 years, Rick has been an executive producer with an opportunity to make a lasting imprint on our station, and that he has done. Rick and his wife Tina now get to board their travel trailer and continue exploring the nooks and crannies of the country they so desperately love.

Rick, thank you. We will miss you, but you won't be far from our thoughts.