Is that legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre's daughter, Brittany, competing on ABC's 'Claim to Fame' for $100,000?

A contestant identified as Brittany is among the contestants on new ABC reality show "Claim to Fame." Her famous relative is her dad, a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback. Could it be Brett Favre?

Does a strong poker face run in the Favre family? Is that supposed to be a Cheesehead on the wall of clues? Are any Green Bay Packers fans watching this?

So many questions, so few answers so far on the new ABC reality show “Claim to Fame,” beginning with this one: Is that legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre’s oldest daughter, Brittany, competing for $100,000?

Nobody knows for sure, or at least we’re not supposed to — yet. The whole point of the show is to keep you guessing.

“Claim to Fame” puts 12 people in a Hollywood mansion together, each of them related to somebody famous. They offer up clues, some are true and some lies, about who their celebrity family connection is. Whoever can keep their relative’s identity secret the longest wins the cash.

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During the premiere on July 11, each person introduced themselves with three facts and was allowed to lie about one. While fellow contestants in the house have no idea what is truth and what is fiction, viewers at home get the benefit of being tipped off on the lies.

“My name is Brittany. My celebrity relative is my dad, and he is most known for being an athlete, and the biggest award he’s ever won was an Emmy Award.”

The “lie” buzzer went off for that last part, but Brittany offered more telling information to viewers only in a segment that came right after her introduction.

“My dad is a Super Bowl champion and Hall of Fame quarterback," she said. "Unlike my dad, I’m not an athlete, but I did inherit his competitive nature. I have to win the game.”

Hmmm. Interesting ...

Brett and Deanna Favre have two daughters, Brittany, 33, who graduated from Loyola University's College of Law in 2015, and Breleigh, 23, who played volleyball at the University of Southern Mississippi. Both have private Instagram accounts, and recent photos of Brittany are rather scarce on Dad's Instagram.

Still, the resemblance is hard to miss. WBAY-TV evening anchor Cami Rapson tweeted what a lot of longtime Packers fans who lived in Green Bay during the Favre family era may be thinking.

Brittany won the challenge of the first episode, a talent show competition in which she painted a portrait of Lucille Ball, her “childhood hero.” That earned her an exclusive clue to help guess another contestant’s identity and guaranteed she’ll be around another week.

There are also clues throughout the house to help contestants decipher identities, including a large wall collage of random objects. It includes a slab of cheese (although too skinny to be a proper Cheesehead wedge) but also a cheese grater.

Keep in mind it’s the same wall that features dinosaurs, convincing some in the house that certainly it must be a nod to “Jurassic Park,” which meant Maxwell was related to director Steven Spielberg. Oops. Turns out Maxwell’s famous relative (who has never had a cellphone) is his grandpa, actor Chuck Norris.

“Claim to Fame” is hosted by brothers Kevin and Frankie Jonas. It airs at 9 p.m. Mondays after “The Bachelorette.”

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