Legionella bacteria discovered in Oakwood schools water

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Legionella has been found in Oakwood schools following its annual testing of the water supply system throughout the district, according to a notification sent to families this week.

After receiving results Wednesday, the district said legionella bacteria was found at OJH/OHS and Smith Elementary.

Following the recommendations of Solid Blend Water Management Solutions, local experts in water testing and remediation, water usage in those buildings was immediately limited, with water fountains and sinks closed, according to the district.

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Treatment of the water system at the junior high/high school took place on Friday, the district said. Smith’s water supply will be treated early next week and that building will have no water during the treatment process.

Retesting at both buildings will be done next week, following the completion of the treatment process, according to the district. Sinks and water fountains will remain closed until the district receives negative test results, indicating bacteria has been eliminated. Test results typically take one week.

This is the third year in a row Legionella has been found in Oakwood schools.

The bacteria was found the week of August 3, 2020 in a girl’s restroom on the second floor of Smith Elementary, officials said.

Legionella was also found at Smith Elementary last year.

Two years ago, Kettering City Schools, Vandalia Butler City Schools, Milton-Union Schools and Northmont City Schools also found the bacteria in the water supplies in their buildings.

“Oakwood Schools will continue to work with Solid Blend to create a plan to reduce the likelihood of the reappearance of the bacteria in the future,” the district said.