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Mario, skyscrapers and birds of paradise, all on sale!
Build pretty plants, cute animals, favorite characters and famous buildings, and save a fortune. (Photo: LEGO)

Some toys never go out of style, like LEGO, a childhood classic that has grown up right along with its fan base. Now you can get LEGO sets geared toward teens and adults — and the brand's range of options for children gets bigger every year. There's so much to enjoy — and to share with kids and grandkids. 

To help launch your holiday shopping, we combed the Internet for Cyber Monday sales on great LEGO kits for all ages and interests. Whether you're shopping for a kid or a grownup and whether they like Star Wars, Nintendo or even architecture, there's a LEGO set on sale for them. But add-to-cart fast — some of these kits are already hard to get ahold of and may disappear quickly! And ps, we've included a couple of hard-to-find LEGO sets in here even though they're not on sale, just to help out those who've been searching far and wide for something specific.

LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter

Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing star fighter plus 3 figures
Save 10 bucks on this impressive 474-piece set. (Photo: LEGO)

LEGO and Star Wars are a match made in, a galaxy far, far away! This iconic kit, which lets builders put together Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing star fighter, will please fans of all ages. The play will continue even after the build, thanks to the charming mini figures of Luke, Leia and General Dodonna, as well as their little droid buddy R2-D2. With 474 pieces, it’s a nice mid-range challenge, and the finished 12.5-inch-long model will look great on a shelf when not in use.

Says a customer: "We have 13" cube shelves on either side of our TV and have been looking for the right size LEGO sets from our favorite fandoms to fill them. This fit perfectly with the addition of a stand to hold it up. We will enjoy this set for years."

These grandparents are happy too: "My seven year old grandson loves Star Wars and has many LEGO sets. He was able to put almost all of it together himself. There are so many parts I was concerned it would be too much for him, but he had most of it together in no time. The characters make it easy for him to use his imagination."

$40 $50 at Amazon

LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader head
This head will look quite formidable on your bookshelf. Save $14! (Photo: LEGO)

Teens and adults looking for more of a challenge will find it in this 834-piece replica of Darth Vader’s helmet. It’ll take a few hours to put it together, and then you'll have an amazing conversation piece for a desk. LEGO also makes kits featuring other bad guys like a Stormtrooper and the infamous Boba Fett, but Vader really is the most intimidating, don’t you think?

That's probably why it has a 93 percent approval rating at Amazon! One shopper says, "My husband has begun a collection of the Star Wars busts for his desk and this was another great addition. It is a very sturdy build, and with kids took him three nights to construct. Will definitely be buying the rest!"

It's definitely an all-ages product; this woman bought it for her retired sister: "She [...] loves to build LEGOs. She has so many, and it’s a great hobby for her that she enjoys."

$56 $70 at Amazon

LEGO Super Mario Starter Course

Mario faces off against Koopas.
Mario battles the fierce Koopas with your child's hands-on help. Save $12 for Cyber Monday! (Photo: LEGO)

Kids love video games, but we'd all love to see kids break away from the screens and play with LEGOS instead. Why not compromise with an interactive video game-themed LEGO set that brings one of their favorite video games, Super Mario Bros., into the real world? 

This starter pack blends a few platforms; it comes with Mario, some enemies for him to squish and, of course, a famous warp pipe! The little screen in Mario's chest shows power-ups, and makes the right game noise to accompany each action, so it really does feel like playing the game in real life.

One dad says it's "incredible," "so cool" and he'd "give it more stars if I could." This shopper gave it to their nephew, but "was pleasantly surprised to learn that the figure makes sounds and even the eyes are digitally blinking." This grandparent says it's "well worth the money," and right now you can grab it for only $48, down from $60!

$48 $60 at Amazon

LEGO Super Mario Adventures with Luigi Starter Course

Luigi loves hitting those
Luigi loves breaking blocks, and so will your kids. (Photo: LEGO)

But what if Mario isn’t a kid’s favorite character? What if they’re a younger sibling and identify more with Mario’s brother Luigi? Well, they can have their very own starter set with the green-clad plumber. Fans of games like Luigi’s Mansion will be thrilled to check it out. You can get it today on sale for $48, down from $60.

One parent loved the attention to detail: "Luigi being a hair taller than Mario, just like in the actual game," while another shopper says it "holds true to the quality and value that [LEGO and Nintendo] have always demonstrated," calling it a "home run."

$48 $60 at Amazon

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

NES Lego set
It doesn't exactly play like the real thing, but it sure looks great! (Photo: LEGO)

This set isn't on sale right now, but it is hard to find, so we recommend ordering now to get it in time for Christmas: If the gamer in your life thinks they’re too old to “play” with LEGOs, then it’s time to step them up to a complex kit that requires time and patience. A brilliant interactive option: this 2,646-piece replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It includes the original boxy gray system, an old-style television set and controller and even a game cartridge to put together — in LEGO, of course. Once the whole thing is assembled the game can be “played” by turning the crank on the side of the TV, allowing the little Mario figure to jump up and down on the screen. It’s a great display piece and party trick!

Shoppers love this set, giving it a 4.9 out of 5 stars in their reviews. One builder calls it "a beast of a set. It took me a couple of hours a day over 5 days to complete but it was a fun if difficult build [...] now that it's complete, it works flawlessly. It's even got a nice little easter egg inside for fans of the original SMB. I'd recommend to anyone who enjoys assembling Lego sets and is a fan of video games." 

$230 at Amazon

LEGO Bird of Paradise

LEGO Bird of Paradise
This set is both beautiful and fun to put together. Grab it before it disappears! (Photo: LEGO)

There are a lot of beautiful LEGO sets geared toward adults these days, but kids love them too, so you can make a family activity out of special options like this lovely Bird of Paradise. Kids can learn about the intricacies of putting together more advanced LEGO kits, and parents (and grandparents) will have a lovely showpiece for their living room or den! This set is also super hard to find, so grab one while it's still in stock for $100.

One grownup builder says it all: "These Lego set is beautiful. Of the 3 botanical sets so far, this is by far the best looking. The colors, the size, the vase, everything is perfect. I love Lego making sets for adults who still love Legos! More more more!"

$100 at Target

LEGO Vidiyo

LEGO Vidiyo
Kids can make cool music videos with this adorable handheld animation studio, 30 percent off right now. (Photo: LEGO)

For kids who care more about building a subscriber base on YouTube than building a toy house, LEGO has its Vidiyo sets; they're like mini animation studios, with a special app a child can use to "scan" in a figure. Then they can overlay music, animation and more to make a sweet video. And right now LEGO Vidiyo sets are all on sale at Target for only $14 — that's a discount of 30 percent!

One parent calls Vidiyo an "awesome idea for kids. It got my girl off the TV and tablet and actually playing with a toy doing something she is interested in. You have to download the app and once you do, follow the directions. It’s easy to use and my girl loves to dance and create and recreate 'mash ups.' I love watching her!!" And one child called it "the best present ever," with his mom saying: "...its' a truly unique social play experience. I 100% endorse this as a must for all children who love to create."

$14 $20 at Target

LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection New York

Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building, One World Trade Center
Start spreadin' the news, I'm building a LEGO New York today. (Photo: LEGO)

This 598-piece New York City LEGO set is super popular with kids and adults, and has nearly 4,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It includes (from right to left) One World Trade Center, the Flatiron Building, the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building and a teeny tiny Statue of Liberty — all presented to scale. It’s comes with a booklet discussing each of the landmarks. Normally the Big Apple would cost you $60, but right now you can snag this set for $53.

One shopper says, My grandson just finished a vacation with family in New York City and this was the perfect birthday gift to follow up the trip. I hope they continue to add new cities and destinations." Another family gifted this set to an adult who works in NYC, and another to an experienced 9-year-old LEGO builder. Both are pleased with the kit." This shopper puts it simply: "[It's a] very nice build of New York's finest offerings. I love how Lego is able to capture so much with such a small amount of space."

$53 $60 at Target

LEGO Architecture Skyline Collection Tokyo

LEGO Architecture Skylines: Tokyo 21051 Building Kit
Visit Japan with this miniature version of its capital city — it's $12 off for Cyber Monday! (Photo: LEGO)

If you're looking for a more distant destination, how about the Far East? This set presents a varied landscape of the sights of the Japanese capital, including the colorful Tokyo Tower, the futuristic Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower and the Big Sight convention center. There are even tiny cherry trees to represent Chidorigafuchi Park, and billboard-covered buildings for a miniature Shibuya Crossing — the busiest crosswalk in the entire world! This magnificent set usually runs a bit high at $60, but right now it’s discounted for Cyber Monday to a friendlier $48.

Serious LEGO fans rave about this set, which is an Amazon's Choice product. This graduate student calls it "the best Lego set I have ever built," and says that "the skyline they choose is fun and is a good combination of touristy and famous areas of Tokyo. Very fun to build and the way things look at the end are surprisingly amazing. I would highly recommend for any Tokyo fan and anyone wanting to have a more challenging Lego set."

One tourist loved Tokyo so much that he "immediately went to see if LEGO had made a skyline for this beautiful city." He called this set "a great experience to build," and said "bags were neatly organized and directions were simple. Makes for an absolutely colorful display piece."

$48 $60 at Amazon

LEGO Classic Bricks and Animals Building Set

A rainbow of pieces around various LEGO animals.
Build colorful, cute animals with this basic LEGO set. (Photo: LEGO)

The Bricks and Animals Building Set has more than 500 reviews from customers, the vast majority of them five-stars: Many shoppers loved the generous supply of pieces, with one grandparent saying it’s a “great price and will enable your ‘future contractor’ to build to his/her heart's content.” They also liked that the sets have a “variety of block colors beyond the basic red/blue/yellow.” Another parent says, “this box is HUGE! This is the first year [my stepson] started requesting Legos and let me just say, Legos are NOT CHEAP. This made me feel like I got him one of those huge sets for the fraction of the cost. This is a great kit for any younger kid getting interested in Legos and also for any advanced kid to build onto their LEGO collection!” This is one of those hard-to-get items you'll be glad you scooped up early!

$73 at Walmart

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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