Leicester mark 'special' first FA Cup win against Chelsea at Wembley

Leicester City have marked their first ever FA Cup title after a 1-0 victory over Chelsea at Wembley Stadium.

Video Transcript

BRENDAN RODGERS: We're obviously very proud, Jordan. It's a historical day for the football club, the-- winning the FA Cup for-- for the first time in their history, it's clearly a special day. So, yeah-- just so happy for the players, they were so courageous in the game, for the supporters, they've lost four finals, and now, fifth time, we've been able to to get the victory for them. And of course, for Khun Top and his family. It was a dream of theirs to win the FA Cup and we've been able to deliver that.

THOMAS TUCHEL: Well, of course, we're disappointed, but we are not angry-- not on our performance and not on our boys. I think this performance and-- and-- and this game is enough to win it. I think today we were simply unlucky, we never-- we never-- we have never hidden the fact that you need luck in this game to-- to be able to win when-- when on this level.

We're unlucky today. You arrive in a final, you cannot-- you have no guarantee that you end up with a trophy. I think we would have deserved to win, but it's OK. We need to accept that we were unlucky today.