Lena Dunham praised after Girls star models bikini collection in 4 July post: ‘Love your confidence’

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Lena Dunham’s fans have called her a “role model” after the Girlsstar posted a series of photos wearing different bikinis on Tuesday (5 July).

Sharing a set of four swimwear looks, Dunham captioned the Instagram carousel: “One piece, two piece, red piece, blue piece.”

The 36-year-old modelled a black one piece in the first photograph, followed by pictures of her wearing mint green, lavender and mustard yellow bikinis. Her accessories included a gold necklace, a wicker bag, and tropical weather sandals.

After Dunham gave her Instagram followers a look into her bikini collection, several of the actor’s fans praised her for her “confidence”, with one person calling her a “role model”.

Their comment read: “I wish I had your confidence... I look at you and think... beautiful! But then I look at myself and can’t help but hide everything... you are a role model” alongside a heart emoji.

 (Instagram @lenadunham)
(Instagram @lenadunham)

Another person wrote: “Please post shopping links, you have influenced me”

“Go off baby, you killing,” one fan commented under her post.

Multiple users left comments indicating their favourite of Dunham’s looks, of which the mint green and lavender bikinis emerged as favourites.

“Very, very cute. Annoying that they weren’t actually red and blue pieces, because my brain needed it,” another person commented, referencing her caption.

Celebrities including Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith also expressed support for Dunham, who has previously opened up about how negative comments on Instagram impact her.

“Love you,” wrote Smith.

Model Tara Lynn added: “Queen” with a fire emoji.

 (Instagram @lenadunham)
(Instagram @lenadunham)

The comments on Dunham’s latest Instagram post, however, were limited.

In October last year, Dunham opened up about the impact of body-shaming after seeing “gnarly” comments about herself online.

Posting a photo of herself smiling on Instagram, she wrote a lengthy caption about the need to stop “equating thinness with health/happiness”, noting it was “ironic to have my body compared to a body that was also the subject of public scorn – an echo chamber of body shaming”.