Lengthy construction on central Joliet bridge frustrates residents

A centrally-located Joliet bridge could stay raised for over a year, as construction drags on, and residents are frustrated.

Video Transcript

- A bridge construction project in Joliet that was supposed to last just a few months could now drag on for a year and a half. The Jefferson Street Bridge is now expected to remain closed until October. The work cuts off a major access point to Joliet's downtown area, which is already struggling due to the pandemic.

DOUG PRYOR: It's an incredibly important bridge to the community, both for what passes beneath it, and for the people that travel on it. And when this bridge is down and operational, it provides reach to the downtown area for more than 10,000 vehicles a day that travel over it.

- IDOT said it is always listening to community concerns and is in the process of evaluating options.